Blackbird front

We are a non-profit organization. Our goal is to make the world a better place.
Unfortunately we're not smart enough to be doctors or fix the economy so this is what we got.

If you should choose to donate and help keep Blackbird flying we will love you forever and this is what your money will be spent on (in order of importance):

# 1. Keep Blackbird flying
Help us reach our Patreon goal and get new Blackbird versions every month!

# 2. Help us build a scrappy research lab  ✔ DONE. Our fans are objectively awesome.
We want to make Blackbird better for you and a big part of that is ensuring stability and compatibility in all environments. With your donations we'll buy parts to upgrade our current setup - RAM, hdd's - for optimal VM use, and if possible some cheapo used PC's/tablets for direct testing/debugging.

Our endgame:

- Remove all official 1st party MS crapware - telemetry, tracking, datamining, etc.
- Remove all Windows ads/nagware
- Remove all official vendor bloat/riskware
- Block contact with biggest ad servers and trackers
- Fortify local security and optimize performance
- Keep an eye on vendor pre-installed software security
- Keep it compatible, easy to use, free and ad-free
- Only sell out for fucking 4 mil € - cash, hand-delivered in a leather suitcase. Non-negotiable.
(The above figure grows at a rate of +1mil per year of operation. Next refresh is scheduled at Nov. 1, 2019)