Blackbird is developed by one dude in an effort to make the world a little better.
Unfortunately I'm not smart enough to be a doctor or fix the economy so this what I got.

If you should choose to donate and help keep Blackbird flying I'll love you forever and this is what your money will be spent on (in order of importance):

# 1. Keep Blackbird flying
Help with the server costs and maybe even hitting the Patreon goal!

# 2. Help us build a scrappy research lab  ✔ DONE. Blackbird fans are objectively awesome.
I always strive to make Blackbird better for you and a big part of that is ensuring stability and compatibility in all environments. With your donations I'll buy parts to upgrade my current setup - RAM, hdd's - for optimal VM use, and if possible some cheapo used PC's/tablets for direct testing/debugging.

# 3. Weed
And papers.

Our endgame:

- Remove all official 1st party MS crapware - telemetry, tracking, datamining, ads, nagware etc.
- Remove all official vendor bloat/riskware
- Block contact with biggest ad servers and trackers
- Fortify local security and optimize performance
- Keep it compatible, easy to use, free and ad-free
- Only sell out for 9 mil € - cash, hand-delivered in a leather suitcase(s). Non-negotiable.
(The above figure grows at a rate of +1mil per year of operation. Next refresh is scheduled at Nov. 1, 2024)